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Intercontinental has been serving high net worth individuals, families, non-profit organizations and foundations in the US and internationally since the early 80s. This privately held company brings an array of unique, professional insights to help clients address the many challenges that wealth can bring. If you face these types of challenges, you know how critical it is to feel comfortable with, and confident in your advisors.

The foundation for Intercontinental’s relationships with clients is the absolute trust that our clients express for the firm and our advisors. Many clients have been with Intercontinental since its inception and the firm is serving the third generation of several long-time client families. Our clients tell us that these elements of trust are of utmost importance to them:

  • The knowledge that Intercontinental’s advisors will always act in the clients’ best interests
  • The  knowledge that our team is available to assist with a wide range of issues - financial or otherwise
  • The confidence that comes from knowing that family members will be cared for should something happen to the patriarch or matriarch
  • The loyal friendships that have developed between clients and advisors that go well beyond the role of experienced financial advisor

Many advisory firms talk about trust. Intercontinental has been living it for almost 40 years. Over the years, the firm has built out its services in order to implement its recommendations to clients, including financial planning, wealth management, insurance solutions, estate planning, family office functions and more.*

*Originally founded as Intercontinental, the firm established related companies to facilitate specific functions. These included Intercontinental Asset Management Group, Intercontinental Consultants LLC, and Intercontinental Insurance Agency LLC. In 2011, the name Intercontinental Consultants was changed to Intercontinental Wealth Advisors to better reflect the services it provides.