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Overall in Private Offerings

The disintermediation of the banking system, higher regulatory costs for publicly traded securities and more closely aligned strategic time horizons among stakeholders are some of the main drivers for the secular growth of private offerings. An increasing amount of value creation is materializing in private markets that is not accessible in public markets. The broad array of bespoke private offering opportunities requires an extra degree of diligence and knowledge that should not be misjudged. Intercontinental Wealth Advisors is here to help.

Private Credit

The enclave of private credit is robust and continues to grow as banking supervision frameworks disincentivize the participation of international banks in tailored capital structure solutions. The illiquid credit comprises a very interesting opportunity set which includes: non-syndicated loans, structured credit, asset-backed lending, middle market loans, project and mezzanine finance. Intercontinental Wealth Advisors believes there is a great risk-reward in private credit, and we will continue to look for niche opportunities.

Real Assets

IWA seeks to participate in offerings alongside some of the leading owners, operators and developers of real estate and infrastructure assets. Private real assets offer a diverse set of strategies that match different risk and return profiles. Real Estate is a hybrid asset with very attractive income and potential capital gain opportunities. Public REITs only cover a portion of the global market, so exposure in Private Offerings is warranted. Systemic underinvestment in infrastructure means that private capital is well positioned to address global funding necessities. Therefore, IWA is ready to partner with institutional leaders to invest in future offerings.