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What an extraordinary year 2021 has been. Celebrating our 40th year in business with the gradual return of clients and friends into our offices – It’s hard to describe what a welcome relief that is. The warmth and affirming relationships we share with you, our clients and friends, creates the richness of our work for which we are unceasingly grateful.

While we recognize that the world hangs in the balance of our greatest scientific and medical minds being able to deal with the virus, we celebrate each day the small, normal practices that we value so highly. One silver lining for our firm this year has been the ability just this last quarter for our Charitable Contribution Committee to return to supporting volunteer and community initiatives we collectively deem to need our help the most. Just since October 1, we have spent a full day cleaning kennels and grooming dogs for adoption at God’s Dogs Rescue, filled bag after bag of Blessing Bags 4 SA, and brought our individual and team support to the San Antonio Food Bank, looking forward to full-scale participation in a distribution event shortly after the New Year. We all saw the pictures circulated internationally of 10,000 San Antonio families lined up in their cars waiting for food. The needs are great, but so is the passion, energy, kindness, and grace that so many volunteers bring to the solutions. We know how fortunate we are to live here.

So, during 2021, as we reflected on 40 years of serving clients and multiple generations of your families, we gave thanks for each of you and the friendships that emerge and deepen over time. We also give thanks for and celebrate the loyalty and dedication of our employees who seek every day to exceed our clients’ expectations.

Happy Holidays! We wish a season of warmth, joy, and friendship for you and all your loved ones.
With profound gratitude,
The Intercontinental Team

Happy Holidays!