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At Intercontinental Wealth Advisors, many charitable causes have always been near and dear to our hearts, and we've always encouraged our team members to volunteer and get involved in causes that they care about. However, we never really had a formal way of doing so or group activities for us all to get involved together. Therefore, we recently formed our new Charitable Contribution Committee to formalize the charitable work that team members participate in and come together as a team to donate our time and resources.

For our first event, which we participated in on Saturday, November 13th, 2021, we decided to volunteer at a local dog rescue center called God's Dog Rescue in South Texas. Intercontinental team members winterized dog kennels with tarps and insulation, updated puppy houses by ripping out the old turf, digging out the dirt and replacing the under-layer with gravel, and then laying new turf, cleaned dog adoption vans and kennels, picked up dog waste on the compound, walked dogs while their housing areas were being cleaned, and cleaned up and prepped the pups for an upcoming adoption event. It was a very rewarding day!

In addition, Intercontinental was very happy to present God's Dog Rescue with a $5,000 donation to continue to help with facilities, food, labor, and other upkeep costs. We're already looking forward to volunteering here again, and to participating in other charitable causes going forward! Stay tuned for other upcoming events.