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Personal Insurance

One of the keys to preserving wealth is reducing risk and that’s where insurance comes in. To us, insurance should be seen as an asset class and considered an integral part of every financial strategy. We can help you plan for the unexpected with a clear perspective and serious consideration of consequences that could affect your life and the lives of those you care for. Insurance can reduce risk, enhance wealth, provide funding for the payment of estate taxes and support philanthropic endeavors. Our independent, professional insurance agency can provide expert guidance on the multiple options available for risk reduction and protection. We are here to help you protect not only your wealth, but also your income and legacy.


The addition of a fixed index annuity can serve to reduce overall portfolio risk and provide income during market downturns. We have strategically used index annuities to prevent liquidating assets during a market downturn. Annuities can also provide a stream of income for your life and that of your spouse. It adds a fixed income component to your retirement portfolio and helps to ensure that you won’t outlive your income.

The annuity world is very complex, and all annuities are not created equal. As a contract directly with an insurer, each company and product needs to be evaluated on its own merits. Allow us to evaluate if this product can add value to your family’s financial plan.  

Business Insurance

Your business takes care of you and your family, so it's essential that your business receives the attention it requires for optimal performance. Intercontinental’s insurance experts can help determine what aspects of your business you need to cover and how much protection you need. Solutions may include Buy-Sell Agreements, Key Man Insurance, and “Golden Handcuffs” or executive retention incentives.

Intercontinental Insurance Agency, LLC (IIA) is an independent insurance firm registered and regulated by the Texas Department of Insurance.