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Mortgage Solutions Foreign Nationals 

We work with full-service mortgage companies that specialize in bringing real estate financing solutions to foreign national borrowers who want to purchase properties in the United States.  The client can choose from an array of lending programs and various correspondent lenders who can offer competitive rates and terms. This helps foreign nationals accomplish their financing objectives when acquiring second homes and investment properties. 

Where necessary, an appropriate legal framework can be established through the structuring of a private investment company so that the client can qualify for financing, not be subject to US estate or withholding taxes, and achieve their wealth transfer goals, among other considerations.

Mortgage Lending US Clientele

Our partnership with BNY Mellon and Schwab addresses the complex and evolving needs of clients, including mortgage solutions. We recognize that you may have unique tax, credit and liquidity requirements and the mortgage you choose can have a significant impact on your long-term financial strategy.

Investment Credit Lines

We can provide access to lending solutions from BNY Mellon (domestic and foreign) and Schwab, which enables you to leverage the value of your portfolio and satisfy liquidity needs, without disrupting your investment strategy.