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A customized financial plan is an indispensable tool in the management of anyone’s resources. It should be created during one’s wealth-building years and evolve throughout the stages of life and career. The process brings an essential depth to our client relationships because it enables us to fully understand your personal and financial circumstances.

Our first steps in developing your financial plan include understanding what money means to you and how you feel about your wealth, and clarifying your dreams and aspirations. We’ll work with you to establish meaningful big picture goals and then drill down to the numbers and the specifics of attaining those goals. The result is a custom-formulated, personalized approach to your financial life, informed by level-headed thinking, and a consideration of the nuances of emotional influences

Our goal is to maximize the potential for your wealth today and to collaborate with you and your other professional advisors to establish a plan for how your wealth works for you and your heirs in the future. Effective strategies to facilitate the transfer of wealth are numerous and complex. We work with a wide range of experts in fields such as law, accounting, investment banking, mortgage brokerage, art consultants, philanthropy strategists, etc. This combined with our decades of experience, enables us to assist you with decisions about transferring assets to heirs, charities, trusts or foundations. We’ll focus on current investment and tax strategies that are most effective for your personal situation and wishes. We’ll also explore enhancements offered by our full-service insurance capabilities.