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Our dynamic, global, and balanced approach to investments has stood the test of time. We use fundamental economic analysis to guide our medium and long-term structural macro-economic views; both our own best thinking, that of our expert research providers, and the pioneering research of respected academics.

Human beings are all subject to emotion and psychological factors that can affect behavior, especially when it comes to their investments. Our understanding of emotional and psychological factors that affect risk tolerance, risk appetite, market behavior and investment decisions are essential elements of our investment philosophy. Our assessments of financial behavior in tandem with fundamental economic and financial analysis can lead to better-focused investment insights and portfolios. Taking into consideration factors that affect market behavior is an important part of the evaluation of investments.

Diversification, robustness, risk mitigation and customization are a few of the pivotal foundations that drive our investment philosophy. We recognize where and how different asset classes, including private offerings, can be appropriate in a portfolio. In a departure from the way many advisory firms operate, our client teams have a member of our trading department dedicated to each of our clients. This means that when clients have questions either about their personal holdings or about the market in general, they can connect directly with their portfolio expert, whom they have known from the beginning of their relationship with the firm.

Portfolio Construction

As independent advisors, we select investments that best serve our clients. We are not bound to any proprietary products as is the case with many of the traditional Wall Street firms. This has been our approach since our founding and will not change. We buy and sell independently, making decisions that are influenced only by your specific needs, including stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETFs, options, futures, derivatives, and private offerings. In building your portfolio, we aim to maximize tax efficiency and ensure the highest level of transparency.

Utilizing a defined portfolio construction process, we create a custom-tailored portfolio for each client. Portfolios are built using the most appropriate selection of investment vehicles, carefully selected 3rd party managers, or our proprietary Flagship Strategies. When evaluating 3rd party managers, we systematically consider:

  • Value proposition of the manager
  • Historical risk-adjusted performance
  • Structural strength of the team and company
  • Quality of service

Whether serving individuals, families, foundations, non-profit organizations or corporations, we develop customized, flexible investment plans that can adapt to address unfolding conditions in the global capital markets.