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What a year this has been! As we look back at all the craziness that has occurred in 2020, we want you to know how very grateful we are for the warm and affirming relationships we share with you, our clients and friends. Certainly, this has been a year unlike any we have ever experienced.

The phrase “we’re all in this together” comes to mind. While there have been many challenges for many people this year, we find cause for optimism and hope for the future. The best scientific and medical minds in the world have collaborated on the creation and testing of vaccines that are being fast-tracked to the public. Great logistical minds are creating plans for distributing the vaccine worldwide, the order of distribution prioritizing the most compelling needs for the saving of lives and the resumption of normalcy. By mid-year, it is likely that everyone who wants a vaccine should have it. Going forward, the United States and the world will be better informed and therefore better prepared to deal with a health crisis such as this. 

At Intercontinental Wealth Advisors, as we reflect on the support of our clients and friends that has sustained us throughout this year, we are grateful for your loyalty to our firm and to us as individuals. You renew our resolve daily to do our jobs as well as is humanly possible.

In 2021, we will celebrate 40 years of serving clients and multiple generations of your families. We wear that mantle proudly and will never take it for granted. Rather, we will work unceasingly to sustain your confidence. 

A lot has changed over the years but many things remain the same:

  • The affirming interactions we experience daily with existing and prospective clients
  • The strength of client relationships that is often manifested in the form of referrals 
  • The opportunity to connect with and potentially counsel our clients’ children and grandchildren and discuss strategies for building multi-generational wealth
  • The privilege of serving as a trusted confidant and professional problem-solver when clients experience life-changing events in their personal and professional lives
  • The consultative approach we bring to the delivery of a full range of financial services to clients
  • The friendships that emerge and deepen over time
  • The loyalty and dedication of our employees who seek every day to exceed our clients’ expectations

Happy Holidays!